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You will receive the eBike in box package. It requires minimal step to assemble to bike before you can use. Please refer to our assembly guided to take you step by step support.

Once you received Ryde Culture eBike, you will need to operate a few step before your first ride. Do not worry it is easy. We will guide you each step on manual and instruction video please check here

Although it is not mandatory but all bikes are recommended to have a preset before the 1st ride. Here is the guide on our recommended service location. You could pick one of those location and tell the store agent that you would like to setup the bike for your first run.

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Actually, electric bike is a regular bicycle with the additional electric drive system. This consists of a battery, a motor, a way to integrate the motor’s power into the drivetrain, and a way to control that power. As products have developed, the appearance of electric bikes also has transformed into different direction. We consider our ride as “Lifestyle Electric Bike”.
Pedal assist is an operating mode on an electric bike where once it is activated, the motor kicks in while you are pedaling. Designed to help you pedal easier.

This is not a single answer question. This will depend on how you ride our eBike. Please see the table below for guideline on how far can our eBike goes in different scenarios


 Approximate Distance

Ride in the City (where you require to use a lot of brake) with mixture of pedal assist and use motor ride

Up to 40 km

Ride with mixture of pedal assist and use motor ride (very few stop)

Up to 60 km

Ride with pedal assist more than 90% of the time

Up to 70 km

up to 45 km / hour
Charge cycle is up to 600 times. During these charge cycle, the battery condition should be more than 60%
Approximately 5 hours. We provide smart charging so that when battery is fully charge then it will automatically stop charging in
We suggest to charge the battery when it reduce to 3 bar.
No you cannot.

Each type of ride is totally depends on rider preference and scenarios. There are 3 type of ride you could enjoy with Ryde Culture.

  1. ride like a normal bicycle – Like normal bicycle, you will have to ride with all your power.
  2. Ride with pedal assist – the motor will engage when you are  This normally use when you want motor power support while you still want to pedal along the way.
  3. Ride with Throttle – Motor will power you with or without you pedaling. On this type, it will be a very powerful and fun ride
The eBike itself weight 32 kg

Our eBike considers the same platform as bicycle so there is no license plate required for riding on the road

Yes you can
We provide different warranty term on different parts. Please check the warranty on each of them here

Please refer to our manual in assembly guide page

Since we use Fat-bike tire, typically, fat-bike riders use pressures in the 8PSI range for soft conditions, 12-15PSI for trail riding and 20-25PSI for on-road or urban riding
Yes it is normal. That is the disc brake noise